Unlike other schools we do not hide the true cost of training, we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity.We took careful note of what customers wanted: all-inclusive service, meticulously maintained, reliable, readily available aircraft at affordable rates, and most importantly, personalized, friendly service that recognized and responded to their individual needs


New Zealand is renowned for its beauty and diversity. Within a very short distance, you can experience the beauty of the surrounding oceans, native forests, rolling hills, mountains and magnificent beaches. The range of climatic conditions also challenge your skills  By training in NZ Flying School, you will become a more skilled and competent pilot better qualified to cope with all the meteorological and geographical challenges you will face in your aviation career. Student Fee Protection all NZ education providers, is required by NewZealand law to ensure all student funds paid in advance are locked away ina Public Trust or lawyers trust account. This means if an NZ flight training provider encounters financial difficulty or you cease training for any reason, your funds are safe and there is no risk of losing your fees paid in advance. This programme is uniquely New Zealand.


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There are many options when it comes to choosing where to learn how to fly and become a pilot. Learning how to become a pilot in the United States provides endless opportunities and many advantages. Three of the major advantages are English communications, the flight environment, and the quality of aircraft and training. Student fee protection: fees is divided in 6 easy instalment

Duration: 8months-12months

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Students are drawn to Canada for flight training due to the high standard of the Canadian ICAO Licenses as well as our stable and affordable dollar, making it one of the world’s safest and most inexpensive countries to receive superior aviation training. the diverse weather in Canada allows for many sunny days to get your initial Pilot Licences completed under daylight, visual conditions. Later on in your training, while undergoing the more advanced Instrument Flight Training, Canada can have many cloudy, poor visibility days enabling you to get real-time, practical IFR Instrument Flying Experience during your training, including flights in rain, snow showers, and some icing conditions.

Duration  11-13months

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One of a kind course offered in India through our affiliated partner providing Commercial Pilot License training in Europe, The flying training in Europe is carried out of an International Airport wherein the student can experience real time flying environment operating out of international airport,  Our Training partner in Europe is an ATO, approved by the National Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) with over 25 years of experience in Pilot Training,Fleet Maintenance. They are also an EASA approved Part 147 Organisation and authorised spare supplier for Textron. Cadets from Eastern Europe, Middle Eastern countries, India and various other parts of the globe have successfully completed their Frozen ATPL and CPL (A) ME/IR training and working major Airlines in Europe and other regions.

Duration : 10-12months

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Our affiliated flight training schools program is designed to meet the requirements of the Civil Aviation Regulations as prescribed by the CAA, Philippines and DGCA, India. We have designed an exclusive course where our affiliated schools offers a ground instructor (GI) and Flight instructor (FI) courses for qualified alumnus, FREE of charge. Upon completion of this course, the Pilot cadet qualifies for a GI and FI license from Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines and a job opportunity with them.
Advantages of Flying in Philippines:
– Best training quality in Philippines.
– Free training to become Ground instructor and Flight instructor.
– Good Education standards for Aviation.
– Cost Efficient for currency exchange.
– Weather friendly.
– Opportunity to work in local and international Airlines.