In order to meet the growing demand for skilled Pilots in India and with a view to support aspiring pilots realizing their dreams of becoming Airline Pilot, our training partner has launched an exclusive International Pilot Training pathway to Indian students and entered into an exclusive collaborative training arrangement with one of the most reputed flying school in Europe.

Our partnered training organization has intensely and carefully studied the CPL syllabus requirement of both the countries and structured the course taking all professional and skills requirements into consideration, paving an exclusive international Pilot Training pathway to Indian Students.

The CPL (A) ME/IR course has been aligned in such a manner that the entire program can be completed in just 18 months seamlessly and at the same time the student greatly benefits from the in-depth theoretical knowledge, global flying training standards, easy license conversion process.

At the end of training you will be 100% industry ready and will stand a cut above the rest when it comes to establishing yourself as an airline pilot.

The course is offered in three phases which is spread across 18 months.

➢ PHASE – 1 : Theoretical Knowledge Instructional Training (CPL Ground Classes) for 16-18 weeks covering all the subjects. 680 hours of training which includes face to face class room training, CBT sessions, Mock examinations and supervised studies.

➢ PHASE – 2 : Flying Training in Europe (Belgrade International Airport, Serbia, Europe), for approximately 10 months. Total of 217 hours of training on Single Engine / Multi Engine (C-172/PA34/DA42) aircraft.

➢ PHASE – 3 : Foreign Professional Pilot License conversion training in Hyderabad, for approximately 6-8weeks to obtain Indian DGCA CPL (A) ME/IR.

The Theoretical Knowledge Instructional (Ground Classes) training is imparted by Senior Air Force Pilots/Navigators and experienced Instructors. The training is focused in imparting in depth knowledge base as well as emphasis on clearing DGCA CPL Examinations in the first attempt.

Our  learning is complimented by Computer Based Training (CBT) sessions, latest question bank in all the subjects, visit to Airports, MROs for better assimilation and simulate flying experience in table top Simulator. Our Flight Instructors at have a cumulative experience of over 30 years training cadet pilots for various airlines and students from all parts of the globe.

The flying training in Europe is carried out of an International Airport wherein the student can experience real time flying environment operating out of international airport.

On successfully completing the training, we will also help you with preparatory classes for Airline

Examinations and continue to support in all possible ways until one gets placed in airlines in India.

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